patient portal

How to Engage Your Patients in Online Patient Portals?

Across industries, mobility has promised many advantages for its users. And, in most cases, it has delivered on those promises. Healthcare industry would be amongst the top in the list of industries where mobility can be successfully implemented….

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Getting Accustomed with Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0 CRM

Introduction The software package which deals with customer relationship management for Microsoft is known as Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management. This software is developed by Microsoft to focus on Marketing, Services, and sales sectors. Although Microsoft encourages its…

healthcare technology

What Guarantees Mobility’s Success in Healthcare?

Almost all developed countries in the world and even some of the developing nations have realized the benefits of mobility solutions in healthcare industry. This realization has compelled some nations to pass laws and adopt policies that motivate…

Dynamics 365 Package Deployer

Dynamics 365 Package Deployer Tool for CRM Administrators

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Package Deployer is very useful tool for the CRM Administrators which enables them to deploy CRM components like CRM Solutions, Master Data, Transaction Data & Configuration Data. This is applicable for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online)…

Project Management.

5 Most Popular Project Management Methodologies

[contextly_auto_sidebar] For every successful project there are several that did not work out. There are many reasons why projects do not work out in the way they should. Optimistic deadlines, poor management, faulty methodology, external factors — there…