Build a meaningful career by getting into the IT sector

The IT industry is well known for plenty of job titles, roles, and responsibilities which make it hard to know exactly what employees do there. There are vast career opportunities in IT jobs. Here in this article, It has been explained some of the popular position in the IT industry.

  1. Software Engineer:

software engineer jobs

It is also known as Application Programmer, Software Architect, and System Programmer/Engineer.


A Software Engineer is responsible for designing and programming system-level software and it basically includes database systems, operating systems, embedded systems, and so on. They better understand the functionality of both software and hardware. There work is to talk with clients and colleagues to assess and define what solution a system is needed, which simply means that a candidate has to interact with a lot of people. This job required full-on technical responsibilities. Software Engineers are often seen in Electronics and Telecommunications industries. Bachelor degree in Software Engineering or related higher degree is often required.

Key Skills:

The key skills required are analysis, logical thinking, teamwork and attention to detail.


  1. Systems Analyst

system administrator jobs

System Analyst is also known by different name in different industries such as Product Specialist, Systems Engineer, Solutions Specialist, Technical Designer etc.


Their work involves investigating and then analyzing the problems related to the business and then designs the information system providing it necessary solution accordingly. They analyze the requirements and identify the costs and the time needed to implement in the project. The job requires knowledge of business and technology along with a good understanding of people.

Key Skills:

Should have the ability to extract and analyze information, good communication skill, persuasion, and sensitivity.

  1. Business Analyst

financial analyst jobs

This profile is called upon by different names in different industries such as Business Architect, Enterprise-Wide Information Specialist.


Business Analyst has to give the technical solution to the business problems or the increase the company sale’s effort. It is a project based role and begins with analyzing a customer’s needs, gathering and documenting requirements. A candidate in this profile should have a technical understanding but it is not necessary to have a technical degree.

Key Skills:

A candidate who wants to build a career in this profile should have good communication, presentation, facilitation, project management and problem-solving skills.

  1. Technical Support:

network engineer jobs

When we talk about Technical support, it simply means supporting customers by providing them with the technical solution of their queries. It also calls upon by Operations Analyst, Problem Manager, and Helpdesk Support in various industries.


These professionals are considered as the troubleshooters of the IT world. Some of the technical support specialists work for hardware manufacturers and suppliers. They provide the solution to the problems of customers or consumers whereas many employees work for end-user companies for supporting, monitoring and maintaining workplace technology and responding to users’ requests for help.

Sometimes a candidate in this profile requires professionals with specific experience and knowledge. Tech support can also be a good way into the industry for graduates.

Key Skills:

A candidate should possess sound technical knowledge along with problem-solving and communication skills.

  1. Network Engineer:

network engineer jobs

This profession is also known as Hardware engineer and sometimes Network Designer too.


Network engineering is among one of the most demanding IT jobs. The key responsibilities include administering setting up, maintaining, and upgrading communication systems, Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) for an organization.

Network engineers are also responsible for data storage, security, and disaster recovery strategies within an organization or businesses. It is a highly technical role and you’ll get various specialist technical certifications by the time you progress.

Key skill:

For this profile, a candidate should have a Telecoms or Computer Science-related degree.

In a nutshell, the information technology field is a field where there is ample career growth. So, to make an excellent career in Business Analyst, Network Engineer, System Analyst, Technical Support, or software engineer jobs, you can rely on various job portals. In this regard, Monster India will be a great platform help to you. It connects job seekers with relevant jobs. All you need is to create your profile and upload your updated resume on the job portals.


Author bio: Chinmayee Jha is a passionate content writer who writes on career guidance, job search, and interview tips to help job seeker find better job opportunities. In her free time, she loves to read the books and travel.