EHR Integration – Incorporate the Bigger Change Digitally

The digital records of the medical history and health details of a patient are possible to document digitally in a software tool, known as Electronic Health Record or EHR. This is being widely incorporated in several medical units across the globe, especially because of the many benefits it comes with. The largest benefit an EHR serves is that the digital accumulation of a patient’s health and medical records since his or birth till their latest check-up in the hospital or any latest laboratory test is available in a single frame without occupying physical space!

Also, this data set can be shared or transferred within the several departments or across medical units as and when required. Electronic Medical Records or EMRs were one of the initial improvements that the health care industry has seen with digitalization. Here the data set could be transferred across a particular medical unit among its several departments only. With EHRs the data set can be sent or shared everywhere. So, EHRs are nothing but a better and improved version of the EMRs.

It is important to integrate and combine each and every health data in a single accumulation to enable the doctor or medical practitioner serve the patients better and faster. The several benefits of integrating an EHR software in the medical unit can be summarized as below:

  • The patients’ information can be shared from one medical unit to another or within the same unit, say, from one department of a hospital to the other or from medical practitioner to the laboratory for tests or to a hospital. You may send an email or fax the details.
  • No human errors eliminates the possibility of wrong diagnosis. Also, no paper files and folders means no occupancy of the physical space.
  • Since you have all the patient’s information, it allows the doctor to focus on the treatment better and enables faster decision making.
  • Since there is no time leakage for the manual and laborious activities, it saves overtime pay outs to the laborers. It saves both time and money.
  • Also, you need not worry about decoding the doctor’s handwriting anymore! E-prescription facility is also available with this amazingly brilliant health software.
  • Electronic Health Records comes equipped with billing facilities as well. This ensures that the focus is on the patient’s recovery rather than rechecking of bills to ensure correct billing!
  • The privacy of the patient’s medical records is another aspect HER takes care of, with password protection and other security policies.
  • No duplicate tests and diagnosis required, the specialist can start off from where you left!
  • The patients can schedule their appointments for check-ups or laboratory tests with EHRs.
  • Number of patients served each day increases due to the increased efficiency and reduced manual work of the EHRs. Doctors can focus better and deal with more patients each and every day.

Plan your approach and finalize your business goals, get ready for the transition to migrate all the physical data into this digitally smart software which bags all of the hassle free facilities. The companies dealing with the built up of EHR integration will help you and your staff get trained and acquainted with the digital use of medical data maintenance but you need to be prepared for the bigger change and serve the patients faster and better.