Essential Medical Equipment Every Home Should Have

As the world is entering the digital innovations people are lacking the physical activities that used to keep them active in the past. Today 60% of our time is spent working on computers and using smartphones. There is indeed no wrong in saying that tech has expedited our world but with pros come the cons too.

The ailing rate has grown and people today fall sicker often than in the past. Now even children have diseases, they suffer health issues, diabetes, obesity and much more.

As the health problems are growing, solutions are on the rise too. But, if you have these medical and rehabilitation products at your home you can encounter the sickness yourself and save your time to visit a doctor.

01: First Aid Kit: When referring the medical products for emergency situations, First Aid Kit is the basic every home should have. Especially when you are living with children you need to have it on top. It is a collection of all things required for first aid. Also known as the rescue tool it can help you recover from sudden injuries – such as knife cut, knee – injury, steam burn and bad sprains.
It is not necessary to buy an expensive first aid kit, you can stock the items you will need on priority and plan your kit accordingly.

02: BP Monitor: Digital BP Monitor come in different price ranges depending on your budget. In case of high or low blood pressure, you can check your BP with the monitor. You just need to wear the handcuff tight and connect it to the monitor. It will detect your pulse rate and tells you the systolic and diastolic blood pressure with accuracy and within seconds.

03: Automatic External Defibrillator: AED is a medical device that monitors your heart beats and gives electric shocks if needed. AED in Singapore has impacted human life with cardiac diseases and increase the survival rate of cardiac patients. It is a life-saving device and if you have it in your homes you can treat heart patients without much panic. The prerequisite to use AED is to read the booklet and go through a short training before you apply it on any of your family members. Patients with cardiac arrest have higher chances of death if not treated immediately but with AED you can handle the chaos smoothly.

04: Weighing Machines: This is a must every home should have. As the obesity rate is increasing it has become important to track your weight progress. With weight machines, you can have a check on your weight regularly. In cases, if your weight has a rapid increase you can track it and plan your diet accordingly. Some advanced weight machines also let you know your body fat (Visceral fat) in percentage. Monitoring your body weight regularly will help you to stay fit for longer.

05: Mobility Equipment: Well, mobility equipment is not a must in every home but the place where handicapped people are surviving it can help them. In accidents where you lose your body parts and walking is prohibited, you can take the support of this equipment. Example include Wheelchair, knee-chair, crutches and more. It can also benefit people with old age who cannot walk easily even from one room to another.

06: Glucometer: A glucometer is an advanced digital machine which tests your body sugar level and tells the results. It takes a small drop of blood and strip to test the sugar but it helps you get rid of the doctor’s visit. Next time, after the test, if you visit the doctor you just need to share the results and he will prescribe the medicines accordingly. For insulin department, Glucometers can help track results on daily basis and has become a significant tool. Time is important! So save it as much as you can.

07: Nebulizers: If you or any other person in your family have respiratory issues Nebulizers can immediately help. Especially patients with asthma and pulmonary diseases can be treated with nebulizers in urgent. It is a tiny machine that converts liquid medicine into spray and needs to be inhaled with deep breaths. They come in two different sizes; small and large. Small is portable you can carry it anywhere while the large one needs to be plugged into the wall.

If you are in a great need you can search these medical products online in Singapore because Singapore has a great name in healthcare and medical products. Having these products at your home will relief you in the emergency situation. But, a proper maintenance is required for medical equipment to prevent from disruption.