Macs or Windows PCs- Which One Would You Choose?

Read below to find out which are better.

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Although Macs are PCs, they have some distinctive features that are worth mentioning which makes Macs to be the best machines when compared to PCs. However, many users are still not sure whether to shift from Windows PCs to Macs since they think they are costly or because they have heavily invested in Windows PCs system. This article will list some interesting reasons why a shift from Windows PCs to Mac might be a really good idea.

1. When it comes to buying a PC, there are too many types to choose from
Let’s speak the truth here, think about the time when you go for your shopping and you find that there are too many choices to make. You might even get confused and make the wrong choice, especially if you don’t have enough information about the item you are buying. Today, there are too many PCs to choose from. On the other hand, Apple sells six different computers that are designed with numerous features and come with numerous build-to-order choices. For instance, Apple’s Macs are MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro which you can choose from depending on your budget, a way of life and also your power supply.

Remember, PCs are made by different manufacturers and that’s why they are countless types of PCs on the market.

2. Security
When it comes to security, Mac users enjoy an enhanced security than PC users. In fact, PC users are more prone to attacks whereas when you are a Mac user, you likely to encounter fewer attacks. Regardless of the raising internet-based threats, and the way hackers are using sophisticated approaches, Mac users are still safer than PC users, although it is recommended that if you use a Mac, to ensure you put security measures when surfing the internet and avoiding engaging in activities which could make them vulnerable to hackers and attacks.

3. Viruses
PC users are more vulnerable to viruses and that’s why it is advisable to ensure you have a powerful mechanism such as installing antivirus software in your PC to minimize the likelihood of your machine being infected with viruses. On the other hand, Mac users are less likely to be infected with viruses, spyware, and malware. Although it is not to say that Mac users can’t get malware and spyware, but it is not a concern for Mac users as it is with Windows PC users.

4. Time Machine
If you have ever used a Mac, you must have liked the in-build Time Machine software that enables continuous backup of your important data as you continue saving it in your machine.
It is good to note that, data should be backed up on a regular basis, since in case of the worst happening; you are guaranteed to have your data safe. Apple’s in-built Time Machine software makes it so easy and fast since you just need to connect an external storage media which can be an external hard drive or any other storage device recommended by Apple and turn on the Time Machine.

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