The Programming Language You Should Learn In 2018

Being a progressive field, software development offers heaps of programming languages. Some programming languages rise to fame and some vanish away with the time. With the demand in web application development services, the developers are keen on programming languages. There is a need to learn new skills frequently. From time to time, new and in-demand programming languages become known and achieved significant heights. If we talk about finest programming languages, there are numerous ways to determine popularity of these languages. According to the job demand, future prospective and features of a programming language, it becomes trendy in the market area.

On the basis of the key features, I have elucidated five most vital programming languages which are going to be popular even in the future and which are recommended to learn this year.

Web Development

  1. Java

One of the best and well established programming languages, Java is currently used by over 10 million developers. This 20 years old language can be used to build android apps, websites, games, software etc. Almost all the android apps are dependent on Java and this language can run on any hardware and operating system. There are billions of devices which run Java and Java language tutorials are viewed the most on Google. All these qualities push Java language on the top position.

  1. JavaScript

Around 60% of the people are using JavaScript and it has became one of the most common and popular languages across the world. As per the survey and market reviews, this language is most used for creating websites and enhancing it. I will suggest you to learn this programming language in 2018 as it is one of the finest languages. JavaScript is easy and you can do coding with little tools and you can make lots of interactive things on web with the help of this language.

  1. Python

One of the high-rated languages today is Python. This object oriented language has neat, readable, and well structured code. You can look that many web applications, apps, network servers, software etc are based on this language. Python is used by most renowned organizations such as NASA, Google, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit etc. The popularity of Python is continuously growing with the growth of developers who love to learn regarding machine. Due to its rising popularity and usages among top companies, Python has become top priority to learn among developers.

  1. Swift

This programming language is growing faster and is best for the development of iOS and ipads etc. This language, which is actually built by Apple Compnay, can change the shape of future. Although, it is not as well known as Java and Python still it is better than Objective C. A developer can make games, apps, and much more using this fastest growing programming language. Being user friendly and easier than other languages, it is fun for the developers to use this language.

  1. PHP

One of the better languages on the basis of which more than 10 million websites are created is none other than PHP. Being a server side scripting language, PHP also offers flexible techniques to fix the problem. Large number of people prefers this language for web development. Loads of web design and development services are completed using this language.

Besides, the above mentioned languages, there are other languages too which are also considered as promising and fruitful languages for the developers. They are C, C++, Ruby, C#, Rust etc.