Why Landing Pages are Indispensable Part of Marketing?

A Landing Page is the first page that a visitor to your website reaches, because that is the page to which you have sent them. You can use a landing page in many ways, but the important qualification is that bit is the page that you deliberately send visitors to by means of links in adverts, articles or your signature URL.

There is no reason why you should not have more than one landing page on your website (though they should not be linked to each other), but you must have at least one if you want to make the most of your website and your advertising.

Importance of Landing Page:
Importance of a Landing Page in Internet Marketing is often overlooked, or even misunderstood, by many involved in online business. In fact, many do not understand what a landing page is, let alone its importance to their business. Let’s have a look at the situations in which a good landing page is essential and what forms they can take. If you are running a pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign using a program such as Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture), then you will have a URL that is linked to the advert. That URL will be where you send those that click on your advert.

Let’s say you have a website that offers dog services, and your advert relates to dog obedience training. The URL must send your visitors to a landing page that is relevant to the product, i.e. dog obedience training. The landing page must not be related to dog grooming, or even be the homepage of your dog services website. It must relate specifically to dog obedience training.

Another source of visitors to your website is an article that you have submitted to an article directory. If that article has been written on the topic of dog obedience training then you should provide the link to a page related to dog obedience training page in your resource box. Most writers provide a link to their homepage, and sometimes that is all you are allowed.

There are directories that only allow a home page link. Many writers, quite correctly, refuse to submit to these directories, since article submissions should be a two-way agreement. You provide the articles that provide the directories with their business, and they should allow you to direct readers to the page of your choice. Some fail to understand that they exist only because of those that submit articles to them.

If they do not allow you links to pages within your website, then don’t use them – and tell them why! There is little point in you writing an article about dog obedience if your visitors must be sent to the homepage on your ‘dog services’ website. They will simply click away and you will lose the purpose of your article.

The above are two examples of sources of links to the landing page on your website, but irrespective of the source of your link, your success will depend very much upon the landing page that you choose your visitors to first reach when they visit your website. The landing page can be any page on your website, but you can increase your chances of success by designing a page according to the source of your visitor.

You actually have several options. The simplest is to direct a prospect to a page that provides dog obedience training services or advice. I stated earlier that the link must relate to dog obedience, but there are more ways of doing that than offering your main product immediately. If you offer dog obedience training services, or even an eBook on the subject, then you do not have to offer that immediately to visitors.

How about a ‘Squeeze Page’?
That is a page designed specifically to collect email addresses and build a list of first names and addresses with which you can keep in touch. If you design a page with an opt-in form that your Auto Responder will construct for you and an offer based upon dog obedience training, then you will be able to build up an email list to which you can make offers on a regular basis. That is a much better strategy than making a one-off offer for a product that might be refused.

The inducement you offer in exchange for the name and email address must be related to the topic of your article or to your PPC advert, such as a free eBook providing the basics of how and when start training new puppies. That topic is related to your advert or article, without giving too much to the actual product you are promoting. That is the secret of a productive landing page: make the subject believe that the page they are on is relevant to what they have clicked to find but offer the opportunity to get a free gift related to their interest in return for something that you want from them.

That could be their first name and email address, or even just an order, though you are advised to get the email address and make sure that the subject understands that they will be liable to be contacted sometime in the future with other offers and new products. To Know More about the Importance of Landing Page or any other module related to Digital Marketing, Enroll at Digital Marketing Course in Delhi and Get Trained by the Best Digital Marketers that Our Country has to Offer.

Other than a squeeze page, your landing page could be a review page of the product you are selling. You might be promoting an E-book on dog obedience training that you are selling as an affiliate, and your landing page would be a pre-selling page for it. It would be designed to pre-sell or review a product that you are selling and designed to influence the visitor to visit the sales page of the merchant and make the purchase based upon your review of it.

The importance of a landing page in internet marketing is in the way that you can craft it to get the reaction from the visitor that you want. Keep in mind that this is the page that you are deliberately sending people to that have either clicked on your adverts, read your article or have reacted to any other stimulus you have provided so that they visit your website.

You must send them to a page that you want them to visit, and make sure that it has been designed to achieve what you want it to achieve. Do that, and your chances of success are good.